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Sheri Brassfield


Soror Sheri celebrates 5 years with Mu Upsilon Omega in the Spring of 2022. She's attended 99% of chapter meetings and from her service logged dozens and dozens of volunteer hours. 

Soror Sheri attended the 2021 Regional Conference.

Current Chapter Treasurer, Current Technology Chair, Former Corresponding Secretary (2018-2021), Former Membership Committee (2018-2021)

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From our members:

Soror Sheri continues to serve MUO with grace and patience-- and a little humor on the side. Since the pandemic, Soror Sheri has made the technology transition seamless to us but we are sure it was a learning curve behind the scenes. Soror Sheri was responsible for sending correspondence on behalf of MUO-- and she was responsible for sharing news, updates, and other items with the chapter in real time. The frequency was reliable and so very instrumental to the success of our chapter. 

Soror Sheri has gone above and beyond in making our technology thrive. In this unprecedented pandemic, she has stepped up and added that special element to contributions and it has been critical without question. As every member understands, our national leadership directed that all chapters meet via a virtual space and Soror Sheri and her team were the chapter's liaison. Then, our chapter recently experienced the first-ever hybrid membership intake process which required countless hours of rehearsals, preparation and patience - and Soror Sheri never voiced a harsh or unkind word. Soror Sheri's coordination of the 2019 technology workshop also was a beacon for her continued work to help members during this time today.

Soror Sheri's patience and understanding speaks volumes. During my time as treasurer, Soror Sheri never found it a bother to meet with me so that I can hand off an item for mailing. I am not the only person she made special accommodations for. Also, she assisted members individually with their technology needs. She has personally traveled to members homes and place of business to assist with virtual backgrounds. And, she picked up all scholarship packets in the outlying areas - none were her schools, but she handled it with ease.


Soror Sheri never says "NO". She is always quick to show initiative and does so with a positive attitude. The ease at which Soror Sheri volunteers and says, yes, is her hallmark. Soror Sheri's initiative is not for accolade or applause. She only wants to help and she does it with a smile, sisterliness and a dash of humor. Soror Sheri sacrifices her time and talent - without bragging - to ensure the chapter is applauded. For these reasons and so many more, I support Soror Sheri Brassfield as the 2021-22 Soror of the Year.







Soror of the Year: Annually, the chapter will recognize the member, other than the President, who throughout the year has tirelessly exemplified and led in achieving our ideals of service and sisterhood within the Mu Upsilon Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 

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